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Belanger - Durashiner® CF In-Bay Automatic Tire Shiner

Specifically designed for in-bay wash applications, DurashinerCF® adapts to the position of the individual tires with patented auto-aligning Floating Head Technology™. The results are a consistent over all shine with minimal chemical use, higher profit and added value for your customers.

Features Include:

  • Floating Head Technology™ uses articulating bi-knuckle arms for all over shine.
  • ChemCycle® Roller Rotation disperses chemical throughout applicator rollers.
  • Tool-free Boom opens with one hand and swings out, allowing quick replacement of individual disposable applicator rollers.
  • ChemPress™ Rollers with Auto-Primer keeps the applicator rollers automatically primed for "Rim-To-Tread"℠ coverage.
  • Programmable Chemical Metering provides flexible control of chemicals.
  • Vertical Stops and Heavy-gauge Covers protect machine and support weight
  • Dense Foam Applicator Rollers apply chemical evenly for consistent shine.
  • Exit-End Photo Eyes prevent damage when vehicle backs up

Physical Specifications:

  • Component Height:12 inches
  • Minimum Bay Width Required: 14 feet
  • Minimum Bay Length Required: 16 feet 3 inches Full Travel - May be installed fully or partially underneath other compatible components.

Utility Specifications:

  • Electrical: (1)120 VAC constant from Controller and (1) Exit Function 120 VAC from Controller or optional signal from POS
  • Pneumatic: 1/4 inch airline @ 90 PSI minimun 120 PSI maximum

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Information Source:Belanger, Inc

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