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Belanger - Kondor® Build-A-Wash Touchless Automatic System

The new Belanger Kondor® touchless automatics deliver an updated wash experience, for new and existing bays alike. The K1 delivers a one-arm wash style familiar to many drivers, updated with the smoothest one-arm operation ever and the KL2 allows simultaneous chemical application and rinsing.

Innovations and Features:

  • Less intrusive compact carriage head design and narrow overhead rails provide a comfortable customer experience.
  • Easy acess for diagnostic and service procedures
  • Flexible installation options for almost every bay size
  • Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms that reset themselves in all four directions
  • Two presoaks and a wax or clear coat sealant application
  • Galvanized Travel Rails
  • 25HP Motor with CAT 35/35 Pump

Available Options:

  • White carriage housings and colored branding panels with custom logos
  • Wing covers that cycle through 6 backlit colors
  • LED Navigation System for drivers
  • Stainless steel carriage frame
  • Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, additional waxes, and bug spray

Kondor® Trim Level Options

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Information Source:Belanger, Inc

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